Not all women require a full surgical face-lift. If you have minimal sagging of the face and neck, some jowel development then a stitch lift might be the solution for you.  It is ideal to correct small facial sagging.

Facial “Stitch lifting” procedures have been available for over 15 years. Now days the material that is used and techniques adopted are far more advanced.

The procedure is performed at AestheticA and does not require a general anaesthetic of time off work. Only local anaesthetic is used where the stitches are placed beneath the skin to re-drape and pull the face up and back.

Using a dissolvable stitch/thread placed beneath the skin and the area of the face is pulled back. It is a non-surgical rejuvenation face-lift procedure and complemented with either or in combination with anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers.

For more information please watch this fascinating video that displays how dermal fillers and thread lifting procedure work