No breast implant is perfect. All have their advantages and disadvantages. These should be discussed as they relate to you directly with our doctor during a formal consultation.

After a period of time implants may require replacement. Reasons for this may include:

  • Age of the implants
  • Recall of implants due to being defective
  • Complications e.g capsular contracture, movement or displacement of the implants
  • Malfunction of the implants
  • Medical reasons e.g ALCL, BII

Implants are a foreign body and medical device. They are susceptible to all possible failure and faults. You should not consider breast implants unless you accept that possible reoperation may be required at some stage following surgery.

Some patient’s who choose to have their implants removed may request not having them replaced. This is possible by removing the implants “en bloc” . This involves removing the implants and surrounding capsule at the same time during surgery. The outer skin envelope can then be custom designed, tailored and tightened improving breast appearance.


Capsular contraction example